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Invisible Braces


Get a Straighter Smile with Clear Aligners!

Clear aligners help patients of all ages straighten their crooked teeth and smile confidently again.

No One Will Know You’re Straightening Your Teeth!

With ClearCorrect invisible braces like ClearCorrect, Dr. Will Bates helps North Salt Lake patients achieve a straighter, more symmetrical smile without metal brackets and wires.  Invisible Braces

With invisible braces, Dr. Will Bates helps North Salt Lake patients achieve a straighter, more symmetrical smile without metal brackets and wires. 

Do crooked or crowded teeth make it difficult for you to smile confidently around others? Maybe you’ve even thought about having orthodontic treatment but don’t want the commitment of years spent with metal braces on your teeth.

You’re not alone, which is why adult orthodontic treatment with clear aligners is so popular.


How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear Aligners use crystal-clear plastic aligners to guide your teeth into the correct position. Since the smooth aligners slip snugly over your teeth like a mouthguard, treatment is comfortable and convenient. Throughout treatment, you can remove your aligners for meals and to brush and floss your teeth. 

Dr. Bates uses clear aligners to address:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Uneven spaces
  • Gaps between teeth

Without brackets or wires to poke into your lips and cheeks, Clear Aligners treatment is comfortable, and the crystal-clear aligners blend in beautifully with your teeth so most people won’t notice them. 


What Does Clear Aligners Treatment Involve?

Clear aligner therapy at Serene Dental of North Salt Lake is easy and begins with an evaluation with our dentist. Dr. Bates will perform a thorough dental examination and takes photos and digital and panoramic x-rays of your teeth. 

Specialized software assists Dr. Bates in working up a treatment plan that maps out how your teeth will move through each stage of the process. Based on his specifications, a custom lab prepares several sets of clear aligners designed to move your teeth as Dr. Bates prescribes.

When your clear aligners are ready, we’ll schedule another appointment for you at our North Salt Lake dental office. Dr. Bates will give you your first sets of aligners and explain how you should wear them. 


Wearing Your Clear Aligners

The treatment phase involves wearing each set of aligners for 22 hours a day for two to three weeks. Since your aligners are removable, you can take them out to brush and floss and eat your favorite foods. 

It’s nice to have the freedom to remove your aligners, but compliance is the key to seeing the fastest results. The more conscientious you are about wearing your aligners, the faster treatment will be finished, and the sooner you can show off your beautiful, straight smile.

Treatment times depend on how much tooth movement we need to achieve and how compliant you are about wearing your aligners. Some Clear Aligners patients finish treatment in as little as 12 months.


Schedule an Appointment to Get Started with Clear Aligners

If you are an adult who’s tired of hiding crooked or crowded teeth, Dr. Bates would love to explain how clear aligners can help you achieve your smile goals. Please call our North Salt Lake, UT dental office to schedule an appointment.

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