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Your concerns are important to us because they help inform us about your priorities and what you expect for your oral health. We believe in working in partnership with our patients because you deserve to feel informed and confident when it comes time to make important decisions about your dental treatment. 

Below are some frequently asked questions that we hear, but we welcome and encourage you to call if you have a concern that’s not included here. We look forward to helping you achieve your healthiest, most confident smile!

Children's Dentistry

Yes, Dr. Bates is pleased to welcome children of all ages to our North Salt Lake dental office. We have created a calm, friendly, and nurturing environment where we give kids the tools to become great dental patients as adults. 

Children’s Dentistry Services We Provide

Dr. Bates likes to see children for their first visit around age one or when the first baby tooth appears, then every six months thereafter. During these appointments, we provide whatever dentistry your child needs, including:

  • Dental exams
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Tooth fillings
  • Dental sealants
  • Fluoride applications
  • Custom mouthguards
  • Emergency dentistry

When we start early, we can instill in them the idea that dentistry is just another thing in their lives and nothing to fear. Each visit that ends on a positive, happy note helps build their confidence and makes them look forward to their next experience with us.

As your child grows, we’ll continue to monitor baby teeth to ensure that they stay healthy until coming out on their own. Every child has unique oral health needs, so our children’s dentist individualizes your little one’s dental care accordingly. 

Gentle Children’s Dentistry in North Salt Lake, UT

It’s always a pleasure for our dental team to see children and help them on their journey to a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. If your child’s ready for their first visit, or you have an older child who needs a checkup, call Serene Dentistry of North Salt Lake.

We look forward to welcoming your little one!

General Dentistry

Dr. Will Bates believes that the study of dentistry is a lifelong commitment that requires him to expand his knowledge continually. Through hundreds of hours of continuing education courses he has attended and instructions on the latest techniques and materials from respected specialists, Dr. Bates ensures that his North Salt Lake patients can access the very best procedures and materials available in dentistry today.

A Dentist with a Passion for Learning

Dr. Bates’s passion for learning continued right after graduating from dental school when he was accepted to attend further training with the U.S. Navy in an Advanced Education Program in Norfolk, Virginia. This year-long program gave him expert clinical training in all specialties of dentistry.

His dental career has also included working as a department head over a dental clinic in the Navy and a director of dental services for a clinic in Washington state.

Part of staying current with dentistry is learning about and investing in leading-edge dental technology that enhances your experience and improves the level of dentistry we provide. The equipment Dr. Bates chooses to invest in for his practice enhances your comfort and improves our efficiency to get you out of the dental chair faster.

Our Commitment to Quality Dentistry

Dr. Bates and his dental team are committed to excellence in every aspect of practicing dentistry, with your comfort being our top priority. If you would like to schedule an appointment with an experienced dentist in North Salt Lake, please call Serene Dentistry.

Dr. Bates agrees with the American Dental Association’s recommendation that adults and kids have preventive dental checkups and teeth cleanings every six months. At these appointments, our North Salt Lake dentist performs a thorough exam and checks your teeth and gums for signs of cavities and periodontal disease.

Using updated dental technology like digital x-rays and intraoral cameras enables Dr. Bates to detect these issues and then show you what he sees. He’ll point out any areas of concern, and together you’ll discuss the best treatment to resolve the problem.

My Teeth Feel Okay. Do I Still Need a Checkup?

Yes, you still need dental checkups if your teeth feel okay. The goal of preventive dentistry is to avoid cavities from developing in the first place or to catch and treat them when they’re small and haven’t done too significant damage.

Preventive exams and teeth cleanings really are your best insurance against problems that put your oral health in jeopardy.

Schedule an Exam and Teeth Cleaning in North Salt Lake

At Serene Dentistry of North Salt Lake, we’ve created a warm, friendly, and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable receiving quality dental care. We’re ready to help you, whether it’s been six months or six years since your last dental visit.

Please call us at (833) 523-BITE to schedule your next dental checkup.

The foods and drinks you choose have a significant impact on your dental health. A diet that’s loaded with sweets and carbs is not just bad for your body; it’s also terrible for your teeth.

An important part of what we do as dentists is provide nutritional counseling so our North Salt Lake patients can make more informed decisions about their diet. Numerous studies have concluded that the health of your mouth and the health of your body are closely linked. We also now understand that good nutrition involves more than avoiding sugar.

Beware of Hidden Sugars

Sucrose found in corn syrup, table sugar, and honey is consumed by bacteria that lead to cavities. But bacteria also feed on fructose, lactose, and glucose, so reading labels is your best bet for making better food choices that minimize the risk of developing cavities.

Choose Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Even though fruits and vegetables contain carbs that attract bacteria, they’re a better choice than sugary snacks because their high fiber content helps protect against cavities by keeping your teeth clean.

Avoid Gummies and Hard, Crunchy Foods

Consuming hard, sticky, or crunchy foods like gummies or crusty bread takes a toll on your teeth. Instead, opt for foods like cheese, yogurt, or meats that are also better nutritional choices.

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning with Us to Learn More

Part of the role our dental hygienist Shandee plays is to offer nutritional guidance to her patients. She would be happy to speak with you about improving your diet to support better oral health.

Please call our North Salt Lake dental office to schedule your next teeth cleaning and exam.

Root Canals

Your comfort is critical to us at North Salt Lake Dental. We set the stage for a stress-free dental appointment with a warm and serene environment where you can relax, comforting sedation dentistry, and leading-edge dental technology. 

Dr. Will Bates is an experienced dentist who understands that the best way to help minimize a patients’ anxiety is to be the kind of professional they can trust. This is a process and a worthwhile one that results in greater confidence in us and assurance that your comfort means everything to us.

Sedation Dentistry in North Salt Lake, UT

Sedation dentistry gives Dr. Bates another option for ensuring that his patients have a comfortable experience.

Nitrous Oxide for Gentle Relaxation (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is a short-term type of dental sedation that leaves no drowsy side effects. You inhale nitrous through a small breathing mask, and it produces pleasant, calming sensations and a feeling of comfort and well-being. Nitrous oxide effects last only as long as we administer it, and you can safely drive yourself home from your appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

With oral sedation, Dr. Bates prescribes a sedative for you to take before your appointment, so you need a driver to get you safely to and from our dental office. You will feel very relaxed and drowsy, and some patients even doze off during their procedure. Because the sedative stays in your bloodstream for several hours, we recommend that you plan to take the rest of your day off.

Can Sedation Dentistry Help You?

If you think sedation dentistry can help at your next appointment at our North Salt Lake dental office, please let us know! 

Teeth Whitening

It can be difficult to maintain a white smile as we age. Our teeth naturally begin to lose that bright, youthful-looking luster, and all the staining foods and drinks we consume also take their toll. If you’re a smoker, you’re probably already dealing with brown or yellow teeth that dramatically detract from your smile.

Teeth Whitening in North Salt Lake, UT

The first step is to seek professional teeth whitening treatment at our North Salt Lake dental office then take steps to protect your newly whitened smile. We are pleased to offer in-office whitening if you want to see fast results for a wedding, reunion, or that big job interview.

If you have a couple of weeks and want to see the brightest, longest-lasting results, we recommend our custom take-home teeth whitening kits. The advantage of using our kits over store-bought kits is that they are completely customized for your needs. 

You will receive whitening trays that fit perfectly because they’re made using impressions of your teeth. We also provide prescription-strength whitening gel that is more potent than what you can purchase over-the-counter. When used daily for two weeks, you will see a dramatically whiter smile.

Keeping Your Teeth Bright after Whitening

Maintaining your bright smile involves brushing at least twice a day and flossing once. Avoid staining foods and drinks like coffee and red wine, and rinse your mouth with water frequently. Stay current with your teeth cleanings at our North Salt Lake dental office so our hygienist can remove the plaque and tartar that dulls your teeth and give you a clean, bright smile.

If you’d like to get started with teeth whitening, call us and schedule a dental cleaning so we can discuss your options.

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